eTrishna is founded in March 2018 by enthusiastic tech professionals with shear goal on to providing information solutions to the masses in various domains. etrishna is a word which is "e+trishna", where "e" relate to electronic information and "trishna(तृष्णा)" comes from ancient Indian language "Sanskrit" origin means "Firm desire of something". Etrishna is responsible for providing knowledgeable information for all online information seekers and give a way ahead. Segments of www.etrishna.com are Jobs, Education, News,Polls, etc.


"Passion is part of you; purpose is somthing you create."

Media House
"With aim of informatics information to peoples, etrishna is a forum to provide all important information to peoples of society. "
Public Poll
We conduct daily public polls relates to society and its peoples. poll.etrishna.com
With consider our responsibility for the society, we give proper guidance to 65% of indian youth through our educational and job portal .
A pioneer in outsourcing, We have been providing software coding programming services, We have technical expertise , good communication, cost-effective coding, organized workflow management, and quick turnaround time.
We put our all efforts to your organization and product marketing and branding,
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is how we manage our Knowledge to produce an overall +ve impact on society.

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